Welcome to Chitkara
University Tagore Library

The Tagore Library has been serving the information needs of faculty, staff, and students at the university and is a foundation of academic and research activities. In addition to the central library, Chitkara University has two branch libraries, the nursing library and the pharmacy library. The Library is located in a three-story building; the First floor is dedicated to the reading hall, which is open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. There is also a Reference Section, Periodicals Section, Circulation Section, and a reading room on this floor. Along with the return counter, the second floor houses the stack area and Digital Information section. The third floor houses a dedicated reading hall.

Tagore Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the form of CDROM, DVD-ROM, online databases, video cassettes, patents, standards, thesis, reports, e-books, e-journals, etc. The Digital Library section of the Tagore Library has developed an institutional digital repository using world-renowned software DSpace, which preserves the institute's intellectual output for posterity.

Dedicated staff assists students in navigating the library collections and finding information on specific topics. Library spaces inspire students to conduct research and collaboration. The interdisciplinary environment of the library transforms students into lifelong learners. The Tagore library strongly believes in Academic integrity.

Besides more than 41,869 books and 52 subscriptions to periodicals, the library also houses 2,86,920 e-journals and 69,73,579 e-books. The library has central air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and can seat 395 people. Library subscribed to several databases, including IEEE, Knowledge-Hub, EBSCO, Proquest, and DELNET.