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(Calendar year). Title of conference paper . Paper offered at Name of Meeting. doi: 10.

. Example:Barresi, S. , Meziane, F. , Rezgui, Y. , and Lima, C. (2005). Architecture to assistance semantic sources interoperability .

Paper introduced at the 1st ACM Global Workshop on Interoperability of Heterogeneous Data Devices (IHIS 2005), Bremen, Germany. doi: 10. 1145/1096967. 1096984. Conference papers (no DOI)Format:Author, A.

B. (Year). Title of convention paper . Paper offered at Title of Conference. Retrieved from http://. Example:James, P.

(2008). Urban environmentally friendly areas in the mid 21st century situations and trajectories for the potential cityscapes – circumstance research of a North European town .

Paper presented at the Worldwide Convention: Urban Environmentally friendly Areas: A Critical for Sustainable Metropolitan areas. Retrieved from http://usir. salford. ac. uk/9607. Dictionary entry (online)Format:Title of Entry. (Calendar year). Title of Dictionary .

Retrieved from http://. Example:Triskaidekaphobia. (2015). Collins English Dictionary . Retrieved from http://www. collinsdictionary. com/dictionary/english/triskaidekaphobia. Format:Author. (Calendar year).

Title . (Version. ). Retrieved from http://www. somewebsite. co. united kingdom. Examples:Schiraldi, G. R. (2000).

The article-traumatic anxiety disorder sourcebook: a tutorial to healing, restoration, and growth. doi:10. 1036/0071393722. Geraghty, C. (2000). British cinema in the fifties: gender, genre, and the ‘new look’.

Retrieved from http://www. netlibrary. com. Roaf, S. , Crichton, D. , and Nicol, F. (2009). Adapting buildings and towns for climate change: a 21st century survival information (2nd ed. ). Retrieved from http://www. dawsonera. com. E-books – Chapters in e-textbooks. Format:Author, A. A. (Year). Title of chapter. In A. Editor (Eds. ), Title of e book . (pp. xxx-xxx). Retrieved from http://www. somewebsite. co. united kingdom. Examples:Chippindale, C. (2010). Ambition, deference, discrepancy, consumption: the intellectual background to a post–processual archaeology. In N. Yoffee and A. Sherratt (Eds. ), Archaeological principle . (pp. doi:ten. 1017/CBO9780511720277. Gorman, M. J. (2004). The angel and the compass: Athanasius Kircher’s magnetic geography. In P. Findlen (Ed. ), Athanasius Kircher: the last gentleman who understood almost everything (pp. Retrieved from http://www. dawsonera. com/Format:Author, A. A. (Yr). Title of chapter. In A. Editor (Eds. ), Title of e-book [Description of e-reader] (Chapter x). Retrieved from http://www. somewebsite. co. united kingdom. Example:Dale, C. , and Robinson, N. (2007). Strategic imperatives for tourism SMEs in Europe. In R. Thomas and M. Augustyn (Eds. ), Tourism in the new Europe: views on SME guidelines and practices [Kindle DX version] (Chapter 4). Retrieved from http://www. amazon. co. british isles. Format:Company/organisation. (12 months). Title [Description]. Seen day for transitory product. Location: Producer if applicable. Example – Billboard:The Cooperative (2011). Our revolution [Billboard]. Viewed 21 March 2011, Chapel Avenue, Salford. Example – Leaflet:Salford Museum and Artwork Gallery (n. d. ) Memento rate record [Leaflet]. Salford: The Museum. Example – Packaging:Eurax Cream [Packaging]. (n. d. )Example – Exhibition:Peoples’ Record Museum. (2019). Represent! Voices 100 several years on, June 2018 – February 2019. [Exhibition]. Manchester. Format:Director, A. B. (Director). (Yr). Title [Format]. Area: Publisher. Example:Lewis, M. (Director) (1988). Cane toads: an unnatural record [Film]. Sydney: Film Australia. Journal articles or blog posts (Print)Format:Author, A. B. (Calendar year). Title of the posting.