How To Present an Oral Book Report

title it Hartley whatever you do your report make sure you mention your title for the book and artha they wrote the book you also want to mention the Satan we need to book take place what time it was it was in the past women in the president origin the main characters I don’t want to know about any other little side characters that are in the story I can care less about that just discuss the main characters on the top of the story and discuss their behaviors what they look like what type of attitude today count towards other characters you know little things like this discuss the plot whenever you discuss in a plot just briefly give a summary of what happened in the story what happened in the beginning the middle and at the end of the story your conclusion should be things that you build by the story like do you think the story was good certain characteristics of a character that you may have liked you can also discuss other things that are author or whoever wrote the book is it like the book and series is it a series of books they go along with them so how to present your own importance your body language your body language is very very important when you’re standing in front of an audience giving a report you want to make sure that you’re making eye contact with your audience you also want to make sure that your hand gestures are in control you don’t want to have your hands in your pockets because really that’s not professional and even though you guys are third graders you want to go ahead and deal now because later on in life we won’t even have to worry about those diaper things so make sure your hands are to the side making sure you’re making eye contact with your head side to side making sure that you’re engaging everyone that’s in your articles your voice you want to speak about them you don’t want to present your book before it talking about us you know and talk at all like you want to make sure that you project your voice telling everyone in the classroom can hear what you’re talking about my favorite thing about voice is being confident whenever you’re discussing on with your book report you want to make sure that you’re discussing it with confidence and to build that confidence you want to read your book multiple times mean you want to make sure that you know you’re both inside and out that’s how you’re gonna build your confidence and also you’re going to be a little timid whenever you come up here and present your book important but that’s okay I was timid when I was showing with we’re going to go ahead and work on this and you’re not the only one that’s going to be a little shy but we’re going to build their confidence together and vary your voice you want to make sure that you’re not talking in monotone you don’t want to be talking all door and then putting your audience to sleep that’s not fun that’s not engage so you want to make sure that your voice is hit some of the high points it is one of those points you know basically talking as if you were talking in the conversation think about it that way also it’s okay to make notes learning up you guys making notes for your book reports and your note should not contain any sentences it should only contain highlight points of things that you want to discuss about and your your presentation no citizens are allowed at all alright so now we’re going to give some practice and we’re going to stand up and front of the class and we’re going to tell the class about our family members so this is going to be a good practice to get you get you in front of the classroom and having you prepared for when it’s time to give your own report so let’s start with SC so so I have my hand right here Cory would you like to come in front of the class and show the class how to properly give a presentation yours right all right I live with my mother I have two brothers and one sister and stop right there could you please remove your hands out of your pockets it shouldn’t last how to properly okay all right stop right there I don’t think your classmates in the back can hear you okay you’re projecting voice a little bit more you got it I have 50 I live with my mommy I have two brothers and one sister one of my brother’s is in the Air Force and my sister is a captain in the army I get to see them a lot on the holidays and me and my brother we love playing sports and we like playing video games together all right thank you for that great great I want to tell you one thing I did fix your hand motions well I did fix your hands because you had your hands in your pockets but if you take your hands out of your pockets which is good you started out with your voice being in though but you eventually but the projectile is a little bit louder your voice was a monotone but I could tell that you were thinking about what you wanted to say and was coming out the things that you were saying we’re pretty good well whenever you do your report go ahead and kind of premeditate about what you want to talk about so that way your fluency of your worries okay all right thank you all right so can I have another volunteer anyone else all right clean come up we come to the class and tell the class about your family remember what I told Cory so don’t make the same mistakes as Cory all right all right go ahead all right our daily this is the stuff really really quickly I know there’s something that you’re doing here the movement side to side I can tell you to love a shot oh we’re gonna work on that okay so what I want you to do is stand still I would like for you to make eye contact with your audience and that’s okay let’s try to let’s try this again class into bed can anyone here clean I don’t think so so what do you think claim should do we can’t speak up exactly so let’s try it again that’s this let’s talk loud enough slowly your classmates in the back of the classroom you alright my name is Corning and I live in Columbia with my mom and my dad I have an older brother and an older sister they’re both waiting order give me brother is engineer and my sister is a lawyer and she lives and they met at Georgia and all my family we love each other and we love watching sports together good don’t you guys think lame did a lot