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Precision taxation was a life saver.

Precision taxation was a life saver, I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owed $60,000!! I was freaking out. I predicted Precision tax aid, they set my mind at ease. They did all my back tax returns and they made me at a non collectable status! The Team did a awesome job, very good communication they had been connected with me every 2 weeks through the process. They were very friendly and professional. Thank You guys Soo much.

I had a jumble of unfiled tax returns and…

I had a jumble of unfiled tax returns and unorganized receipts along with a mountain of questions. I predicted for after years of trying to figure this own in my own and so much stress and headache, and Gene was very reassuring and kind when we spoke about my situation. I signed a contract the next day and we immediately got to work. Starlynn was SO useful preparing my back tax returns! She was very patient with me and was very quick to answer any query if it was email or phone call. I’m so much less stressed knowing I’m getting this taken care of and that I am so happy that I trusted Gene, Starlynn and PTR together with my situation.

Outstanding firm.

Outstanding firm! I had a major problem with My taxes. Didn’t file or cover anything from from 2012 – 2018. I made the IRS over 300k that I was unable to pay. The wonderful employees at PTR made it easy to solve this situation. I never had to talk to the IRS directly, They did all the discussions. Naomi and Brandon is who I conveyed the maximum with, complete professionals! They constantly kept me up to date about my situation, even after they were payed in total. Many thanks to all staff who assisted with my situation. In case you have IRS tax problems, you won’t be let down. Wish I could hit on the 5 Star button a lot more times.

Did great work and Solved my own problem.

Very favorable.

Very friendly and professional team of people who are happy to answer questions, they are fantastic!

Precision Tax Relief has been a God send.

Precision Tax Relief has been a lifesaver for us. We owed several years of back taxes and were really frightened of what the IRS was going to perform. 1 call to PTR and we immediately felt like we had a team of specialists on our side who knew exactly what to do. They explained us everything. Even during Covid19 when everything slowed downthey constantly kept us whenever they stated they would reach out to us they did. They resolved our taxation problems with a rather minimal payment. There is not any way we could have done all this by ourselves. Thank you so much PTR. Everyone from the first call to last was always pleasant and seemed truly worried about us.

Tax Health.

When I reached out to Precision, Scott was quick, upfront and honest about my tax standing. His advice has been heeded and I’m on my way to financial health!

I consulted with a couple of different…

I consulted with a couple different tax lawyers and that I had the absolute best one with Precision Tax Relief. I spoke with Stephanie Johnston and she made me feel comfortable (in an uncomfortable situation) by the beginning. She is extremely knowledgeable and available to speak to me whenever I needed her. I highly suggest Precision Tax Relief if you find yourself in the unfortunate case of having a tax attorney!

Thank you to Precision Tax for assisting…

Thanks for Precision Tax for helping me out. I HIGHLY recommend them for all your IRS PROBLEMS.

I can’t say enough about Precision Tax!

I can’t say enough about Precision Tax! They have been informative, thorough, and kind. I love the effective way they approached my scenario and saw it through. I’m now on track and plan to remain that way.

Precision Tax Relief is the Phenomenal…

Precision Tax Relief is an Phenomenal company. Their staff are very professional, that provided exceptional service for our family. The direction and patience they provided and the sensitivity they showed us was AWESOME! Thank you for giving us an positive consequence.

I’ll use them every year and HIGHLY RECOMMEND for everyone.

It has been a wonderful ride with…

It has been a wonderful ride using Precision Tax Relief. We’re so distressed about how we could cope with IRS before I predicted that firm. We don’t know exactly what to do, but after I talked to them about our scenario they immediately help us. It’s not a simple ride but all their specialist employees working hard, higher degree of expertise in all aspects were there to assist us. Customer support were always there to assist and address your needs. We’re done with our situation with IRS. To all staff of Precision Tax Relief especially Jinney Payne thank you for all your hard work. I highly recommend this business to everyone who needs help with IRS. Again thank you.

Taking my worries Off.

I’m no high profile person, or Sean Hannity, or any other person who has some influence on people, I am however an American Citizen, I looked for a Tax problem firm who wasn’t advertisements on the Fox channel, or any other channel, I checked on the "BBB", also discovered Precion Tax Relief. The folks there were and are very kind and incredibly professional they took away the anxiety from me and allow me to get in front of my tax problem and also negotiated with the IRS a fantastic settlement. Thanks to everyone @ PERSION TAX RELIEF for all the hard work you did for me. Kenneth P.

Precision Tax aid was a life saver…

After stressing about my six-figure tax debt(from having a business years earlier ) for way too longI received notice my wages were being greatly garnished starting with my next check. As a single father of two, exactly what the IRS was going to accept wasn’t going to helpful guide leave me enough to cover our invoices. I predicted Precision Tax Relief at a state of absolute dread and they calmed me down, talked me through the procedure and told me exactly what I had to do. After getting everything back to them, they stopped the garnishment before it started. Even though it took more than I desired, I followed their advice entirely and, because of this, my tax debt has been completely removed. A weight has been lifted.